Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing form of bodywork that blends assisted Yoga stretches with techniques from Traditional Thai Massage. This form of bodywork is a unique and very effective method for balancing energy and restoring ones natural state of well-being. It is holistic in its approach and creates a wonderfully integrated experience. The most significant aspect of the work is noticed on the energetic level… there is an alignment and an energetic harmony that happens that makes people feel really good.

Thai Yoga Therapy evolved out of the ancient art of Yoga and it’s sister science of Ayurvedic Medicine. Many of the assisted stretches look very similar to Hatha Yoga poses. It is sometimes lovingly, and jokingly, referred to as “Yoga for Lazy People” and in some ways it is similar to having Yoga done to you.

Thai Yoga Therapy Combines:
*Assisted Yogic Stretching
*Rhythmic Pressure and Rocking on the Sen Lines (Thai Meridians)
*Range of Motion Work
*Energy Work
*and Meditation

This ancient healing art is considered sacred by the Thai people. Dating back thousands of years, this technique was practiced solely in the Buddhist temples of Thailand until recent times. Traditionally Thai Yoga has been seen as a meditation practice and a spiritual practice. It is a very practical application of the Buddhist principles of loving-kindness (metta) and compassion. Both the client and practitioner are able to experience this in a very down to earth, real way.

Practitioners are taught that the flow between positions and the state of mind of the therapist are as important as the techniques themselves. Thai Yoga is a positive, energizing, uplifting experience for the client as well as the practitioner; these feelings of alignment and energetic harmony are experienced by both.

Thai Yoga Therapy works to stimulate the flow of Prana (life force energy) throughout the body in order to open areas that are blocked while restoring balance and harmony in the whole being.

There is an energetic focus on sen lines, or Thai “meridians,” similar to that of Acupuncture and Shiatsu. In Traditional Thai Medicine energy flows through the body along ten major channels, or sen lines. If an imbalance or blockage occurs in any of these channels, it is believed that pain or disease results. Ancient Thai’s treated a number of ailments by using massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

The practitioner Thai Yoga uses her feet, knees, forearms, elbows and hands (often with the techniques of palming and thumbing) while performing sequences of deeply healing stretches, rhythmic acupressure and gentle rocking movements.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a flowing dialog between client and practitioner, akin to a deeply meditative, slow dance or a martial arts form. A session consists of interactive, flowing movements, stretches as well as rhythmic massage along all the body’s energy lines.

Thai Yoga Therapy is Most Often Described As:
*A Deep Release of Mental and Physical Stress
*Creating a Profound and Integrated Sense of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

Most People Experience:
*Improved Spinal Alignment
*Improved Joint Mobility
*Increased Flexibility and Circulation

With Regular Sessions You May Also Experience:
*Relief from Chronic Stress Related Conditions
*Enhanced Mental Clarity
*Deeper Sleep
*More Enjoyment of Hatha Yoga, Sports, Work and Play

The client’s body is physically supported and assisted by the practitioner at all times. Sessions are tailored to accommodate specific needs and all stretching and pressure is done within the comfortable tolerance of the client. The treatments are performed with the client in comfortable clothing that allows for movement (such as yoga or athletic clothing) on a thin futon mat, on the floor.

The guiding principle here is to restore ones natural state of well-being; that wellness is the natural state of being for everyone. Your feelings are your guide, your inner guidance system, as to whether you are moving towards this state or away from it. If you feel good, you are moving towards your natural state of well-being; if you are feeling not so good, you know you are moving away from it. My intention is to help people feel better in their bodies and help people in finding their own energetic alignment so that they may experience this state of natural well-being if they will allow it.

“Robyn Regula is an extremely gifted practitioner of Thai yoga therapy (TYT). Robyn’s touch is incredibly intuitive and as she works the energy lines of the body, the receiver can actually feel the positive intention behind her work. I highly recommend Robyn. She will truly be a bright light in any space, bringing with her the ability to competently and safely gift people with TYT. She fully embodies the essence of yoga and is a wonderful person.”

Anne Laderman Swartz
Yoga Instructor and Thai Yoga Therapist

“Thai Massage is unlike any massage I have experienced. While it does not require removal of clothes, there is an intimacy which develops between practitioner and client that is unique. I found Robyn to be fully present to the process. Her pace was excellent, slow, direct, and strong. This continued through the entire 2 hour period. Robyn conveyed confidence, compassion, and reassurance throughout which provided me with the safety to relax completely, and this was done silently. I felt I was in excellent hands. Anyone would be blessed to have Robyn in their presence, let alone receiving a massage from her. She is a truly beautiful person, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a Thai Massage Therapist.”

Fran Kersch, PT
Owner of Fusion The Integrated Body in Olympia, WA.


Standard Session (2 hours): Sliding Scale $100 – $150
This is a full body treatment: front, back, both sides, head, hands and feet

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