Yoga for Beginners Intro – Part 13 of 20

Tree Pose
Sanskrit Name: Vrkshasana
Vrksha = tree

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Yoga for Beginners Intro – Part 13: Tree Pose

Sanskrit Name: Vrkshasana
Vrksha = tree


  • Improves balance, mental focus, stability and poise
  • Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, legs, pelvis and shoulders
  • Increases flexibility and reduces tension from the knees and hips
  • Opens the chest and shoulders
  • Improves the quality of breath
  • Calms the mind


  • Toes of standing leg point straight forward
  • Keep standing leg active (firm up thigh without locking the knee)
  • Square the hips to the wall in front of you as you gently press the knee and thigh back
  • Gently lift the lower belly
  • Keep a strong central line of energy: grounded from the waist down through the standing leg and rising up through the spine (and arms if the arms are overhead)
  • Stretch from the side of the waist up to the fingertips in the arms overhead position
  • Keep the shoulders relaxed as you extend upward
  • Keep the eyes focused on a spot in front of you
  • Tip: It is much easier to balance on a firm floor than on carpet


  • If you keep falling out or feel unsteady you can practice next to a wall

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