Yoga for Beginners Intro – Part 19 of 20

Relaxation Pose
Also called Corpse Pose
Sanskrit Name: Savasana
Sava = corpse

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Yoga for Beginners Intro – Part 19: Relaxation Pose

Also called Corpse Pose
Sanskrit Name: Savasana
Sava = corpse


  • Allows time for integration of all the other postures and their benefits
  • Where the greatest healing takes place
  • Teaches how to completely relax the entire body and become tension free while keeping the mind awake and alert – a great preparation for meditation
  • Improves the minds ability to focus
  • Relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating to the mind, body and spirit
  • Balancing, centering, calming and grounding
  • Keeps the mind inwardly focused and brings a sense of peace and well-being
  • Improves circulation, regulates blood pressure and reduces fatigue
  • Increases awareness; helps you to experience yourself on the level of energy, frequency and vibration; helps you to tune into and feel the life force that you are; your energetic signature
  • Savasana is the best remedy for stress


  • Lie down, get comfortable
  • Extend the legs out; let the feet be about hip distance apart and let them fall open.
  • Arms comfortably away from the body, usually palms face up as it helps the shoulder blades to be flatter to the floor. Tuck the shoulder blades under and allow the top of the shoulders to drop back towards the floor
  • Be symmetrical. Let yourself take up space; yet not too expanded or contracted
  • Scan your body and encourage it to relax… everywhere
  • If you fall asleep it’s ok, you probably just need more sleep. Yet know that our intention is to stay awake and alert while experiencing a peaceful, calm and completely relaxed state
  • Relax physically and mentally; keep letting go, more and more
  • Enter a tension free state of being and experience what that feels like


  • It is difficult to relax if you are cold so do what you need to do to stay plenty warm especially if you run cold. You can cool down quickly in Savasana. Put on socks, a sweatshirt etc…; put a blanket under you if you are on a cold floor or on top of you if you’d like
  • If the back aches: 1). bend the knees, place the feet on the floor wider than hip distance and rest the knees against one another or 2). place a bolster or a rolled up blanket under the knees
  • If you have any tension in the neck you can roll up a small towel and place it under the neck
  • It is best to keep the neck in line with the rest of the spine as much as possible. If you want some extra padding under the head try placing a flat pillow or a thin folded blanket under the head rather than a big pillow that lifts the head

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