Online Beginners Yoga Workshop

Learn in detail the timeless yoga principles and practices that will help you build a strong foundation for improving every aspect of your life.”

online beginners yoga workshop

• Do you feel tired and unfocused? Do you feel uncoordinated or inflexible? If you think you’re stuck with a stiff back or the effects of aging then this workshop is for you.

• Re-energize your mind and body without much effort and without leaving your home.

• Reduce stress and tension while increasing your strength and flexibility.

You can improve your ability to concentrate and focus, in fact you can improve just about every aspect of your life with the set of tools included in this online workshop… and once you learn them, they are yours for life.

Robyn Regula
Online Beginner’s Yoga Workshop Explained:

online beginners yoga workshop
Do you want to reduce stress?

The truth is that everyone has a certain amount of stress to deal with. The good news is that anyone can learn how to effectively handle it. This Workshop will provide you with tools, techniques and practices that can be implemented regularly to help you bring a sense of peace and calm into your daily life.

Once you have a grasp of the basics, even just practicing for ten or fifteen minutes can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you navigate your day. It is truly empowering to know how to take care of yourself and to be able to manage the stress and tension of modern living.

Start Dissolving Stress and Anxiety Today. Take the First Step… Decide to Learn Yoga and Generate New Levels of Well-Being.
Students Speak:

“Robyn Regula is the perfect yoga instructor for me. I have been taking weekly classes from her for over 5 years. The diversity of her pupils always amazes me. Many poses are given different levels of difficulty. All within the same class, she is able to challenge advanced yogis, as well as people like me. I am 64 years old with a stiff lower back. I am so thankful for the strength, balance, and agility that I have gained through the practice of yoga with Robyn. My body goes about my daily work and play using new flexibility, and breathing learned in yoga. Robyn carefully explains each pose, giving warnings where ones neck, or knee, or BACK might need attention. Her simple directions are so easy to follow. No two classes are ever the same, each class unfolds. She mixes challenge, with restorative poses. Everyone is encouraged to go only as far as the body feels comfortable. I feel accepted. Then there is the treat at the end. Robyn’s calm voice and peaceful music lead us through relaxation. It is clear that Robyn truly cares about her students. Her own yoga practice is important to her, as mine has become for me. She is an amazing teacher.” —Mary Bishopp-Woods

Most people start changing their lifestyle habits for the better when they are faced with a challenge or a problem and suddenly they realize that something needs to change. Maybe this is where you find yourself right now, or maybe you just know that you can experience even better states of well-being. One of the great things about yoga is that no matter where you are now, as you begin to practice, you will start to feel better right away, even from the very first class.

Once you decide that you want to learn yoga, many questions come up – where, when and how can often feel like a challenge on their own. These are important considerations, often people will just try one class at a studio or on video and if it is not a good fit based on the level of difficulty, the style or the instructor, they will think “oh, yoga is not for me.” But if you’re a beginner, how would you know what class or teacher is best for you?

It is important for beginners to attend live yoga classes, as there is something very valuable to the direct teacher to student transmission, but just like in school, homework is what solidifies the acquired knowledge. This is why I’ve developed the Online Beginners Yoga Workshop, an all encompassing program specifically tailored for beginners, so that you can study and integrate all these yoga principles on your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

I believe that only your intuition can guide you to what works best for you. If you have a genuine desire to better your life, there is a style and an instructor that will fit you best. This is why I have made the first video class (80 min) of this workshop available for free, so you can experience for yourself if my style of teaching feels right to you.

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Joining this workshop will work best for you if:

  • There’s not a good studio close to your home
  • Your schedule does not mesh well with the class times offered at the studio
  • You are limited on time
  • You are a stay at home mom or dad
  • You are more comfortable with the idea of learning at home so when you do get to the studio you know what to expect and what you are are doing
  • You are an introvert and uncomfortable in groups
  • You want to practice at odd hours of the day or night that best suits you
  • You’ve already been practicing for a while yet you never got a good foundation
  • You’re a constant traveler, on the road a lot and want to be able to practice on the road

If any of these describe you…
A Comprehensive Online Yoga Program is for you.

Within the Beginner’s Yoga Workshop, you’ll discover the foundational practices, techniques and guiding principles, in order to get you started on the path of yoga, the path of Alignment And Well-Being.

Practicing yoga gives you more time, gives you a sense of having more energy and vitality yet at the same time being calm. If you feel good, if you are present, if you can focus and give your attention to things, you can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time and in a way that is more enjoyable. In essence, yoga gives you more than what you put into it.

…here’s PART of the information
you will find inside:
Class #1 – Move from your Center: cat tilt/dog tilt

online beginners yoga workshop

  • Discover how to move from your center
  • Sitting postures: sukasana (cross shins), siddhasana (heels to groin), 1/4 lotus, vajrasana (sit on heels), virasana (hero pose)
  • Seated breathing
  • Warm up: 6 directions of the spine
  • Cat pose
  • Cat twist
  • Cat side stretch
  • Downward facing dog
  • Explore cat tilt/dog tilt
  • Mountain
  • Overhead stretch
  • Chest expander
  • 1/2 standing forward bend
  • 1/2 sun salutations
  • Low lunge: move with breath, interlace hands behind, hands overhead, twist
  • Warrior II: move with breath and hold
  • Triangle
  • Extended big toe preparation
  • 1/2 wide leg forward fold
  • Cobra: move with breath
  • Low cobra
  • High cobra
  • Locust
  • Childs pose and variations
  • Boat stage I and II
  • Eastward stretch
  • Churning
  • Seated cross leg forward fold
  • Savasana (relaxation)
  • Meditation
Class #2 – Move with the Breath
Students Speak:

“Attending your yoga class continues to inspire me to take care of myself! Throughout the work week I forget how to slow down, breathe correctly and just be in the moment.

You have a flow about you and your words throughout the class the keeps encouraging me to go just a little bit farther or longer and you gently remind us the correct way to move in and out of a pose.” —Jeri Tidd

  • Discover how to move with the breath
  • Seated breathing
  • Stretch the Neck: look right/left; up/down; side neck stretch; circles – loosen axis
  • Cat pose
  • Standing forward bend
  • Mountain
  • Arm circles
  • 1 arm standing side bend
  • Mountain twist
  • Chair pose (move with the breath and hold)
  • Extended side angle: arm position I; arm position II
  • Warrior I
  • Pyramid pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Demo: bridge pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Reclining leg stretch series:
  • Knee to chest stage I and II
  • Reclining leg stretch
  • 1 leg reclining lunge
  • Yin twist
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
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Class #3 – Expansion vs. Contraction

online beginners yoga workshop

  • Seated breathing
  • Seated cross leg forward fold
  • Seated twisting
  • Seated side stretch
  • Seated chest expander
  • 1/2 dog
  • 1/4 dog
  • Demo: arm rotations in downward facing dog
  • Downward facing dog
  • Standing forward fold (in two stages)
  • High lunge (move with breath)
  • Explore expansion vs. contraction in arms
  • Explore expansion vs. contraction in legs (high lunge)
  • Warrior II
  • Reclining Warrior
  • High lunge (hands on thigh)
  • Tree
  • Standing wide leg forward fold with a twist
  • Demo: plank and 1/2 chaturanga dandasana
  • Demo: plank and chaturanga dandasana
  • Plank – 1/2 chaturanga dandasana
  • Plank – chaturanga dandasana
  • Low cobra
  • High cobra
  • Childs pose
  • Staff pose
  • Staff pose twisting
  • Head to knee pose
  • Cobblers pose (upright and forward fold)
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
Class #4 – Ujjayi Breath
Students Speak:

“Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself. It is the most indulgent, good thing you can do for yourself. If you want to be more flexible, more balanced and stable and have more energy for your life, you must try yoga. Robyn is an excellent teacher; she is able to reach every level of student in her class. She encourages each student to work at their own comfort level and because of her vast knowledge, she can challenge even the most experienced. Yoga is the perfect compliment to a healthy life and Robyn is the instructor to show you the way!” —Mary Whitehouse

  • Hero pose – learn ujjayi breath
  • Hero overhead stretch
  • Hero twisting
  • Hero side stretch
  • Cat pose
  • Cat balance
  • Thread the needle
  • Downward facing dog
  • Mountain
  • Standing forward bend
  • Sun salutation “A”
  • Triangle: arm position I and II
  • Preparation for half moon pose
  • Standing 1 leg frog pose
  • Revolved extended big toe preparation
  • 1/2 sun salutation
  • Snake
  • Cobra variation
  • Demo: upward facing dog regular and variation
  • Upward facing dog
  • Childs pose
  • Eye of the needle series:
  • E.O.T.N. abdominal strengthening
  • E.O.T.N. press thigh
  • Eye of the needle
  • E.O.T.N. lift head
  • Double leg reclining lunge
  • Upward facing wide leg forward fold stage I and stage II
  • Reclining twist
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
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Class #5 – Lines of Energy

online beginners yoga workshop

  • Discover lines of energy
  • Supine neck stretch – cactus arms, look right/left
  • Supine side neck stretch
  • Knee strengthening – ankle circles – point/flex
  • Reclining twist
  • Supine crescent moon pose
  • Cat pose
  • Cat scorpion
  • 1/2 dog stage I
  • 1/2 dog stage II
  • Childs pose
  • Sun Salutation “A” – extended side angle – high lunge twist
  • Pyramid pose
  • Preparation for revolved triangle
  • Squat
  • Supine leg stretch
  • 1 leg upward facing spread leg forward fold
  • Windshield wiper pose stage I and stage II
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
Class #6 – Stira and Sukha: Steadiness and Ease
Students Speak:

“Robyn has a very fluid and precise teaching style. She describes the required actions clearly, telling us the Sanskrit name of the posture, as well as directing our attention to the effected muscles. She always reminds us to be mindful, follow our breath, and individualize our practice to our own specific needs. She is a genuine teacher. Thank you… Robyn!” —Tone Butler

  • Discover Stira and Sukha
  • Arm circles
  • Overhead stretch
  • Overhead stretch with a twist
  • 1 arm standing side bend
  • Sun Salutation “A” x2
  • Demo: Sun Salutation “B”
  • Sun Salutation “B” x2
  • Tree pose: hip opening variation
  • Frog pose preparation (1 leg)
  • Bow pose preparation (1 leg)
  • Bow pose preparation (2 legs)
  • Camel pose stage I
  • Downward facing dog – pigeon preparation
  • Sleeping pigeon
  • Upright pigeon
  • Easy noose pose
  • Sitting cross leg forward fold
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
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Class #7 – Mindfully Play with your Edges

online beginners yoga workshop

  • Discover how to practice mindfully with your edges
  • Seated breathing
  • Seated twist
  • Seated arm circles
  • Seated side stretch stage I and II
  • Cat in sitting
  • Table
  • Downward facing dog
  • Standing forward bend: interlace hands behind
  • Demo: Sun Salutation “C”
  • Sun Salutation “C”
  • Sun Salutation “C” + twist
  • Demo: 1/2 vasistasana (2 variations)
  • 1/2 vasistasana stage I and II
  • Childs pose
  • Gate: move with breath
  • Gate variation
  • Childs pose
  • Plank abdominal strengthening
  • Childs pose
  • Seal
  • Childs pose
  • Head to knee pose series:
  • H.T.K. twist right/left
  • H.T.K. forward fold over bent leg
  • H.T.K. forward fold through center
  • H.T.K. forward fold over straight leg
  • Cross leg forward fold
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation
Class #8 – Meditation
Students Speak:

“Robyn you bring a calm and sure approach. I like the way you stress working at your own individual level while showing us the example of what an asana looks like at the advanced level.” —Lynda Links

  • Supine breathing
  • Extension pose moving with breath
  • Reclining twist: stage I and II moving with breath
  • Upward facing wide leg forward fold moving with breath
  • Bridge: two arm positions moving with breath
  • Table
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Sun salutation “A” – reclining warrior – extended side angle – high lunge twist
  • Sun salutation “A” – snake – 1/2 vasistasana
  • King dancer preparation
  • 3 limb lift
  • Leg lift series in 3 stages
  • Half spinal twist
  • Spread leg forward fold series: side stretch, lateral stretch, forward fold
  • Cobblers pose forward fold
  • Cow face legs forward fold
  • Sage twist
  • Westside stretch
  • Savasana (relaxation pose)
  • Meditation

online beginners yoga workshop

Yes, You Get All Of This:

8 Classes (75 to 85 min each) in streaming video format, both: High Definition for TV’s & desktop and Standard Definition for tablets & phones.

…And There’s More But…
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Try Out For Free The First Class of My Complete And Comprehensive Online Yoga Program For Beginners!

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Want a few more reasons
to start practicing and benefitting from yoga now:

Achieve Physical Improvement…
  • Increase the strength and the flexibility of the whole body
  • Develop balance, stability, poise and coordination
  • Gain endurance and muscle tone
  • Accelerate weight reduction
  • Eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain caused by tension
  • Decompress the spine
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Improve posture and circulation
  • Overcome poor breathing habits
  • Rejuvenate and tone all of the organs, glands and major systems of the body
  • Prevent repetitive stress injury
  • Boost the bodies ability to heal and detoxify
  • Slow down or even stop aging
  • Improve sleep
  • Transform fatigue and relieve tension
  • Learn how to relax
Enhance Mental Performance…
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and mental fatigue
  • Calm the mind, the nervous system and the emotions
  • Develop a relaxed, calm, centered, grounded, balanced, yet alert disposition
  • Increase self-acceptance
  • Experience an alert mind while being tension free
  • Develop mental strength, concentration and focus
Accelerate Spiritual Growth…
  • Cultivate awareness and the ability to be present
  • Transform confusion into clarity
  • Develop skills and tools of self-inquiry
  • Develop clarity and intuition
  • Realize your inner truth
  • Develop wisdom
  • Begin the path to reaching your highest potential
Leverage Overall Advancement…
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Rejuvenate the mind and body
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Improve the quality of life as well as the ability to perform everyday tasks and activities
  • Experience an ongoing sense of well-being
This Is Yoga Made Simple!
Students Speak:

“Yoga is my weekly self-physical-therapy session. By doing yoga, I keep myself out of the offices of physical therapists and chiropractors. Stretching and strengthening my body takes away the tension that used to create a lot of pain in my lower back and legs. The whole session leaves me breathing easy with clear thoughts. Robyn is superb, she takes the time to describe every detail of a pose, down to the placement of fingers and toes. She helps us conceptualize the pose before guiding us into and out of it. And so we get a lot out of our efforts.” —Erica Marbet

We’ve done our best to make YogaVa simple in order for you to get a solid foundation to stand upon. I move slowly through the practice so that you have the time to get into each posture, understand the alignment principles and feel what’s happening. This way you will develop good habits of alignment so that you can start to move faster through postures and get more creative as you choose to.

You’ll learn ways to warm up and cool down the body, the basic standing postures, beginning balance postures, twists, forward folds, beginning back bends, hip opening postures as well as three different series of sun salutations.

This information is enough to guide you for many years of practice, and when you’re ready for more, you will have a great foundational platform that will support you wherever you choose to go in your personal practice.

The Online Beginners Yoga Workshop
I invite you to practice along with the first class of The Beginner’s Yoga Workshop and see if my teaching style is a good fit for you…

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The price of your investment in the Online Beginner’s Yoga Workshop is $97.00

It includes 8 Classes (75 to 85 min each) in streaming video format, both: High Definition for TV’s & desktop and Standard Definition for tablets & phones.

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…And There’s More!

8 audios in mp3 format, one for each of the 8 video classes of the workshop. These are so you can download them to your audio player and practice anywhere.

8 Gentle Yoga Classes (75 to 85 min each) in HD & SD Streaming Video

Email access to Robyn Regula to help you with any yoga questions that you may have.

online beginners yoga workshop

Plus My Unconditional
— No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that you’ll love this program, but if for any reason, during the first 30 days from your purchase you’re not satisfied with it, I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

To Re-Cap…
The Workshop + All Bonuses:

  •   8 Video Classes for the workshop (75 to 85 min each)
  •   BONUS 1 – 8 mp3 Audio Versions of the Beginner’s Yoga Workshop
  •   BONUS 2 – 8 Gentle Yoga Video Classes (75 to 85 min each)
  •   BONUS 3 – Personal Email access to Robyn Regula (personal answers to your questions)
  •   30 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
To Get Started all you have to do is click on the button below. You’ll be redirected to PayPal. After your purchase, you’ll be given access to The Online Beginners Yoga Workshop membership area.

online beginners yoga workshop

Rest assured that you are in good hands. I have been a student of yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2001, many of those years teaching full time. I have taught thousands of students, many of which were beginners just like you.

The most common feedback I get, is that people appreciate the sense of peace and calm they get from my classes and how my instructions are clear and easy to follow.

One thing that is unique to this program is that it is also quite intimate… nothing fancy. You just get me in a peaceful setting, every session recorded in one take, no edits or voice overs …no glam. So in practice, if feels very much like you’re having a private session.

Plus, the difference between learning from a book, DVD or other online video sharing site is that you have access to me. I am available via email for questions should they come up.

Questions?… Click here to contact us!

Robyn Regula
YogaVa – Online Beginner’s Yoga Workshop