Technical FAQ

Technical FAQ


If the video doesn’t play in your laptop, be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the flash player. You can do so right here:

Go to
and click “Agree and install now”.

The first thing you must know about our paid classes is that the video is provided to you via “Real Time Streaming”, but what does that term mean?

“Real Time Streaming” in simple terms mean that you don’t have to wait for the video to download, like for example you would for a youtube video. With Real Time Streaming you hit play and it starts playing straight away. It also means that you can jump to any place in the video (forward, or backward) at any time, because the video is not being downloaded into your computer, so you don’t have to worry about having space on your hard drive to store the video. This comes very handy if you’ve seen the full class once and just want to review a certain pose(s) later on: you just hit play and “jump” to any place on the video instantaneously (we do not suggest you do this the first time you see the class, because it will break the continuity of the class and it’s restorative effects).

We have made the necessary technical accommodations to provide this innovative service to as most of a broader audience as it could be achieved, yet there are a few things you must know about our service.

1) Successful Real Time Streaming depends on the speed of your internet connection. We provide High Definition Streaming Video for internet connection speeds of at least 1.5mb/s and lower resolution streaming video (still looks pretty good though) for speed connections of at least 600kb. Unfortunately we do not provide video streaming for connections of under 600kb, because honestly it just looks bad.

2) If after downloading the latest version of the flash player you’re having trouble watching the videos (video pauses or freezes, sound is bad or pixelates, or it simply just won’t play) First thing you have to do is check the speed of your internet connection. This is very easy to do: just go to and click on the big green button on the center of the screen that reads: “Begin Test”. The site will immediately begin to test your downloading and uploading speed, this will take a few seconds. When finished, it will display your speed connection clearly on the screen. At this point all you have to do is check that your downloading speed is at least 0.6mb/s. If that is the case then you’re good to go.

3) If your internet connection speed is under 1.0mb, or if there’s something wrong with the playback of the video, we suggest that you close all other programs and windows/tabs on your browser, this will allocate all your computer resources and downloading speed to the streaming of your video and will facilitate making the experience seamless …besides, if you’re going to practice yoga get into it! 😉

4) If you have a connection speed of under 0.6mb/s (or 600kb/s) and still would like to purchase one of our paid video series, you can contact us and we’ll accommodate a special “downloading video package” so you can have access to the classes. It will not be Real Time Streaming and you will have to wait for the classes to download, but you’ll be able to enjoy them them in High Definition. If this is your case please contact our support help desk and we’ll get it going for you.

5) If you’re experiencing more issues, we also suggest that you change/update your browser. The easy solution is to download the most recent version of any of these browsers:

For Mozilla Firefox – Go to and click on “Download now”.
For Google Chrome — Go to and click on “Download Google Chrome”
For Safari – Go to and click on “Download Now”.

6) If you’ve done all of the above and there’s still a problem, please contact our support help desk we’re here to help you!


If you want to play the audio on the website’s audio player, be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the flash player. You can do so right here:

Go to
and click “Agree and install now”.

Audio Downloading Problems:

The simplest fix for audio downloading problems is to try another browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) Switching browsers really is EASY.

These three browsers are easy to download:
For Mozilla Firefox – Go to and click on “Download now”.
For Google Chrome — Go to and click on “Download Google Chrome”
For Safari – Go to and click on “Download Now”.

To Save Files To Your Computer:

a) Right Click on the link: “Right Click Here To Download Audio” underneath the video player on the Beginners Yoga Workshop pages or “Right Click Here” above the audio player on the 3 minute yoga break audio pages. (Mac Users, just hold down the “Option” key and click on the link. That’s all you have to do!)

b) Then, click on “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”

c) Pick where (what folder) on your computer you want to store the file.

d) Double Click to play it on itunes or any other media player you may have installed


In case you have trouble accessing the membership section, try these 4 steps:

a) DON’T BE LOGGED IN TWICE. Make sure you are not already logged into the members area elsewhere on your computer.

b) REFRESH YOUR BROWSER (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari …etc.) Afterward, you should be able to re-enter your information for successful results.

c) CLEAR YOUR “COOKIES”…in your browser, – click on “Browsing History” or “Clear Recent History” — in the “Tools” tab on your browser.



If, by chance, you are using Internet Explorer to access the membership site, here is a note for you: IE has a security feature that, when accessing non-secure content on a secure site, is more than likely causing this error.

When you click on the tab for your downloads, Internet Explorer will give you a pop-up that asks if you want to only load secure content on this web page. If you click “NO” on that box, the content should load properly.

Additionally, sometimes Internet Explorer has pop-up blockers that prevent download boxes from appearing on the screen. Just make sure that you are allowing pop-ups from